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In January 2010, we acquired Threshers, Victoria Wine, The Local & Bottoms Up.


August 1998 First Quench Retailing, by the merger of the Whitbread owned Threshers and the Allied Domecq owned Victoria Wine in bringing the total number of stores to almost 3000 at its peak.


In 1980’s expansion continued with several acquisitions including the bottoms up chain.


By 1979 there were more than 450 branches.


In 1965 The Thresher's shops were amalgamated with the 140 wine shops of F. S. Stowell, the managed off-licence group acquired by Whitbread in 1920. In 1968, concentrated solely on wholesale supplies to the free trade and to all Whitbread outlets, leaving Thresher's, which by this time had 265 shops in London and the South East, responsible for retail sales.


In 1957 Thresher's was taken over by Flowers Breweries of Luton which, in turn, became a subsidiary of Whitbread & Co in 1962.


During the second world war (1939-1945) the number of branches reduced to about 60, partly because of the bombing. Rationing of spirits was soon in force.


The number of branches reached 27 in 1934 and, by 1938, helped by the acquisition of the 17 shops of Watson Son & Co in 1937, this number had risen to 63.


In 1917 Thresher's was registered as a limited company.


Founded in 1898 by Samuel Benett Burt Thresher with 8 shops located in London.